When I was 18 years old, I spent late nights discussing the future with all my chicitas. I remembered we set the age to 25: When I am 25 years old, I hope that A, B, and C will happen…

“When I am 25, I hope to be married and having babies.” (So innocent…) I also said that I hope to be immersed in my post baccalaureate studies and traveling the world. Today, my reality is that I am fabulously single, in my professional studies, and traveling the world. I am self-reflecting and it feels weird to see where I am today. Feels a bit depressing to be wrong about marriage, yet so relieved to know how far I’ve come along. I guess I’ve been feeling weird like that lately.

Marriage and kids should never be goals, but rather blessings. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, LIFE still happens. One more thing: love does NOT equal marriage. Marriage is trust, companionship, faithfulness, loyalty, responsibility, kindness, challenges, conflict-resolutions, growing, security, confidence, vulnerabilities and so much more. Love is just part of this expansive equation.

Right now, I am very single but I feel very loved. I love right back, too. Presently, I am a confident full-time auntie/part-time mom, supportive soul sister, my parents’ favorite [outspoken] daughter (teehee)—and life is good. I am making worldly travel plans. I am learning each day and filling my vessel with knowledge, inside AND outside of the educational institution. I’ve set new goals; the first one on the list is: be kind and kinder. Second: Be honest with myself.

I am embracing the now and LIVING, LEARNING, and LOVING. Sounds a bit cliche and feels weird, but feels right.


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