Everyday we live a life that was built on a path long paved before our own time. These are the choices we have no power to change.┬áThe sacrifices my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, ancestors made—I will never understand, but I hope to be living out a dream that they had hoped for long before my existence. This is great love to me.

Everyday, I am so fortunate to be living this life and often I take it for granted. Everyday, I wake up with choices that raise me higher than I could imagine, simply because I was graced with this fortunate life, and for that I feel blessed.

Everyday, we also live out a path that was paved by our own stones. These are the choices we have every power to make. Because history must stop for the present to begin, and someday, my own stone path will be a history for the next. Histories. This year alone though, has been much about reflecting for me. Where have I been? Where am I going? How do I measure my self-worth? How much is my worth? How much have I grown?

As I grow with age, spirit, and soul, I appreciate more the choices that were laid before my time, the choices that I have laid, and the choices I still have to make each day.

I recall my heroine, Beyonce’s quote: “There’s no drum roll or trumpet that goes off when you make the biggest decision in your life; sometimes you don’t even know that you made them.”

Everyday, I have the power to make my own decisions and I must let these choices live out to their potential.