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the World.

He told me the world is before me; it’s mine, go for it.

Why couldn’t I see this until now? Why did I not see you until now?

You are mine. You love me, and you would do anything in this world, in your lifetime, to show me. You make my heart flutter, and get my spirits so high. Everything is possible with you.

I love you, TP CTXO honey, too.



Everyday we live a life that was built on a path long paved before our own time. These are the choices we have no power to change. The sacrifices my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, ancestors made—I will never understand, but I hope to be living out a dream that they had hoped for long before my existence. This is great love to me.

Everyday, I am so fortunate to be living this life and often I take it for granted. Everyday, I wake up with choices that raise me higher than I could imagine, simply because I was graced with this fortunate life, and for that I feel blessed.

Everyday, we also live out a path that was paved by our own stones. These are the choices we have every power to make. Because history must stop for the present to begin, and someday, my own stone path will be a history for the next. Histories. This year alone though, has been much about reflecting for me. Where have I been? Where am I going? How do I measure my self-worth? How much is my worth? How much have I grown?

As I grow with age, spirit, and soul, I appreciate more the choices that were laid before my time, the choices that I have laid, and the choices I still have to make each day.

I recall my heroine, Beyonce’s quote: “There’s no drum roll or trumpet that goes off when you make the biggest decision in your life; sometimes you don’t even know that you made them.”

Everyday, I have the power to make my own decisions and I must let these choices live out to their potential.

I’ll be me.

It feels so surreal how everything plays out. One year’s past, I broke off an engagement that took years to finally heal. I am in a better place than I could have ever imagined. I am happy, completely happy now. Another year’s past, I began to love myself and reconstruct my passions: for love, for my parents, for my sisters, for my brother, for my kiddies, for education, for jurisprudence, for life, and most importantly, for me. This year, I accomplished a life goal: travel—see the ocean, embrace Machu Picchu, walk outside of my comfort zone, alone with confidence.

And next year? I feel a self-surprise. I’ve stopped measuring my happiness, because my destination is simply to live.

Lately, I’ve been listening and loving James Bay’s “Let It Go.” The song speaks to me so clearly, because I’ve rolled up and tossed away many anchors in my life. I have freedom to sail now. I saw the ocean in California this year and for the first time ever, I caught the sea breeze: peace feels like that catch. I’ve let go and let it be. I’ll be me. I love me.


True Story

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Remember when “I like you” was enough? “I like you” was the end all goal. “I like you” was the prize. Remember when “I like you” was enough?

I can pull out the journal and go to the specific page and entry when I first heard those words from the girl that I also liked. For the first time, it was mutual. For the first time, of all the people that I could “like”, she “liked” me back. At the time, I innocently called it a “phenomenon” of some sort, that two people could match this way in this world. “I like you” was enough. She became my first girlfriend. She became my first love.

Remember when “I love you” was enough? “I love you” was the epitome, all you needed. “I love you” was when you found the one. Remember when “I love you” was enough?

But that was…

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15 Relationship Issues That Force You To Break-Up Or Commit Forever

Thought Catalog

5897329392_7b62afe201_bFlickr/Ellen Munro

1. Long distance prospects. Your significant other mentions a job opportunity that became available. It’s a unique position to advance his or her career and will require a move to a different time zone. Perhaps you’ve been interested in going to school on the other side of the country. Or living in another country for a fixed or unlimited amount of time. Are you willing to try a long distance relationship? Are you the type of couple that can brave not being together for long periods of time? Do you trust each other? Or yourself in terms of staying faithful? A decision to do long distance or to move together to a new city brings an enormous amount of change to a relationship. It forces both parties to figure out where things are headed and if you’ll be arriving there together or separated.

2. Exclusivity. If you…

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  1. I am woman, hear me roar!!!
  2. Green is still my favorite color, but I’ve come to appreciate blue.
  3. The love I have for my family and friends will outlive me, this world, and every anything. This, does last forever.
  4. The library is my first love, and books (especially non-fiction) will always have my undivided attention.
  5. Penguins are forever my favorite: birds and the hockey team.
  6. Still got mad love for the windy city, Beyonce, and mittens.
  7. I cannot whistle or wink: I have accepted that.
  8. I am a terrible singer: I will sing in my best cracked voice, in my own made-up lyrics, regardless.
  9. Yes, I am ridiculously skinny—always accepting fried chicken, sprinkled donuts, bacon, egg rolls, watermelons, and hearty soups. Ramen with a dropped egg is my all time favorite. No Hot Cheetos or Takis.
  10. Gerald is mine, super amazing, super loyal, and he turned one this year!!!!!!
  11. The beauty and character found in Proteas are unmatched by any other flower; thus, they’re my favorite.
  12. “Women, we are our own gatekeepers.” Some women fall, some women rise; however, I refuse to hate on another woman. I desire to connect with other women, to strengthen the incredible beauty that all women possess.
  13. I am so, so, so forgetful when it comes to my eyeglasses, keys, purse, and phone(s)… I think I’m forgetting something else too…
  14. “I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.” -Natalie Portman
  15. I was once asked, “How do you unlove someone?” Tough question, because I don’t think you can. I don’t believe that love comes and goes. If I’ve loved you, I still love you. The love may have changed and muted by ten-fold, but the love is still there. My heart doesn’t know how to erase or go back in time- it keeps pumping for the seconds ahead. Crazy heart.
  16. “2+2=5!” Good laughs. P.s. I found it first bestie!
  17. Every winter is all about outsmarting the mitten thieves.
  18. Soulmates and life partners are not limited to couples. I have soul sisters and soul companions. Living just wouldn’t be the same without each one of them.
  19. The “good” Hmong woman (daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, mom, grandma, aunt, niece, sister…) does not exist, but the human life does. Hmong women exist, and that is not only more than enough, but beautiful.
  20. Psalm 139: 13-14, from my sister of Christ, before I even knew my Lord and Savior.
  21. My mom and dad help take care of my plants, indirectly teaching me about love, hope, and patience; I love my parents and their amazing souls!!!!
  22. Mistakes are healthy: they remind me that I am human and how perfectly imperfect (Thank you John Legend) I am. When I’ve recovered from one mistake, I am sure to make a new one, and that is okay.
  23. Jurisprudence.
  24. Spirituality ≠ Religion.
  25. 2014 was all about healing; 2015 is all about my emancipation. By 2016, I won’t stop roaring.